Eurofurence 27
Fursuit Registration-System

  Welcome to the past!  
This is where you can see fursuits and fursuiters who visited an Eurofurence in the past.


Eurofurence 24 (Berlin, Germany): "Aviators - Conquer the Sky!"
Eurofurence 23 (Berlin, Germany): "Ancient Egypt"
Eurofurence 22 (Berlin, Germany): "Back to the 80s"
Eurofurence 21 (Berlin, Germany): "Greenhouse World"
Eurofurence 20 (Berlin, Germany): "Crime Scene Berlin"
Eurofurence 19 (Magdeburg, Germany): "Aloha Hawaii"
Eurofurence 18 (Magdeburg, Germany): "Animalia Romana"
Eurofurence 17 (Magdeburg, Germany): "Kung Fur Hustle"
Eurofurence 16 (Magdeburg, Germany): "The Serengeti"
Eurofurence 15 (Suhl, Germany): "1001 Arabian Nights"



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